Lozania Prole

Lozania Prole was a pen name of the prolific author Ursula Bloom.

Ursula starting writing as Lozania Prole when she was commissioned to write a serial for the Sunday Dispatch by its editor, Charles Eade. The newspaper had just had great success with the serial Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor, and Eade was looking for another popular story to have a similar positive effect on the paper’s circulation. He had the idea of the story of Emma Hamilton, to be titled Our Dearest Emma.

Our Dearest Emma was a tremendous success for the Sunday Dispatch and was later published in book form, selling over 250,000 copies soon after publication. After this, Ursula continued to write historical novels as Lozania Prole for the publisher Robert Hale.

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My Wanton Tudor Rose (Catherine Howard)
Henry’s Last Love (Catherine Parr)
The Nine Day Queen (Lady Jane Grey)
Consort to the Queen (Mary I)
Loves of a Virgin Princess (Elizabeth I)
The First Elizabeth (Elizabeth I)
The Queen’s Midwife
The Haunted Headsman
The Tudor Boy
Twilight of a Tudor (Six Wives of Henry VIII)
The Little Victoria
Our Dearest Emma
Queen Guillotine
The Greatest Nurse of Them All
The Last Tsarina
The Stuart Sisters

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