Naomi Jacob podcast – A Life in Words

We are delighted to announce a four-part podcast series, Naomi Jacob: A Life in Words. Wyndham Books is the proud publisher of Naomi’s seven-volume series The Gollantz Saga.

Naomi Jacob was a celebrated novelist who also wrote a series of autobiographical works.

Naomi Jacob: A Life in Words, covers significant events from Naomi Jacob’s life, taken from her own autobiographical writing. The series is edited by Ian Skillicorn. Naomi Jacob’s words are read by actor Jill Stanford. Here is a summary of each episode:

Episode 1: A Yorkshire Childhood

Episode 2: Behind the Curtain: The World of the Music Hall

Episode 3: Acting in Plays to Political Activism

Episode 4: From Elstree to Mussolini’s Italy

The series is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast.

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